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An historic urban park in the heart of King’s Lynn. The Walks is the only surviving 18th century town walk in Norfolk.
A £4.3 million Heritage Lottery Funded restoration has returned this 42 acre park to its former glory and added modern amenities making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll and explore the history of the area.
Boasting a unique 15th century chapel, The Red Mount, a Grade II-listed church as well beautiful landscaping, a children’s play area, toilets and a café.

The Walks are an important area in the national context, rather than merely a local one, and in 1998 were designated by English Heritage as a grade II historic park. Parks laid out as formal pleasure and recreation grounds only became common in the middle of the 19th Century and generally these are well-defined areas surrounded by residential streets. The Walks as a whole was at first conceived not as a municipal park, as one understands the term today, but as a single promenade for the citizens away from the smell, grime and bustle of the town centre.

The model, if there was one, came from the parks surrounding 18th Century country houses. Only through the course of the 18th, 19th and into the 20th Century did The Walks evolve into its present extensive open space.

Walks Art Installations
The project is a partnership between Amien France and the Borough Council of KL & WN. It is a 2year project with funding from the European Union of £400,000. The project aims are to combine art and architecture with landscape gardening inspired by natural heritage, support cross channel tourism and create opportunities for young designers from France and England.